Product Guide

Material Safety Data Sheet

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Superfine 0.4-0.15mm
Our finest particle size is designed for the most delicate of applications and leaves a very smooth finish.

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Super Fine Grade


Fine 0.6-0.15mm
The finer particle size makes the fine grade suitable to more delicate applications such as car bodywork and softer surfaces such as wood. Also ideal for the removal of graffiti. Leaves a smooth surface.

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Fine Grade


Fine/Medium 0.4-1mm
Another good all round blast media, slightly less bite than the larger medium grade which makes it suitable for hard and softer surfaces such as aluminium, wood, concrete, brickwork etc.


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Fine Medium Grade


Medium 0.5-1.5mm
A good all round blast media. Especially good at preparing steel surfaces, removal of old paint, rust etc.

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Medium Grade


Coarse 1-2mm

Also for heavy duty applications where a bit more bite is required. Both coarse grades are often followed up by blasting with a finer grade to properly prepare the surface.

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1-2mm Grade


Extra Coarse 1-3mm
This grade is a heavy duty blasting media for the removal of the most stubborn materials. For example blasting scale from a boats steel hull.

1-3mm Grade


0.5-10mm & 0.5-15mm
Is a glass sand used for many applications throughout industry and leisure, for example as an ingredient in the manufacture of specialist screeds or resin bound products.

A versatile replacement for applications where silica sand would have been used.



A powder product used for example in the manufacture of tiles, fluxing agents and various industrial uses.